I’m writing this not for the haters of Carmelo Anthony that root for other teams. No! I write this to my fellow Knicks fans who were screaming, “that’s too much to trade for one man” or “we blew up the team to get one man”. This goes out to the same fans that praised Jeremy Lin because of his amazing run coming off the bench but said CARMELO ANTHONY had to adjust to Lin’s game. Sounds dumb one year later, right?

Melo has been grossly criticized by his own fans and I mean grossly. Sports talk radio is showered with listeners calling in saying “he’s not a team player”, “he needs to learn how to pass”,  or “he doesn’t hustle on defense”. The 2012-2013 season arrives and he answered to all of those criticisms and still got disrespected by Knicks fans. Today, the Knicks clinched their first Atlantic Division in 19 years. NINETEEN YEARS! That means the last time we won the division, 9/11 had not happened yet. Jay-Z was two years away from debuting Reasonable Doubt. Bill Clinton was in his second year of his first term as POTUS. Most of y’all weren’t even full fledged embryos. I watched the Knicks as a kid during the Ewing/Starks/Mason era and Houston/Sprewell/LJ era and this is great. The Zeke era was a reminder that we need to appreciate something we never saw during this shameful era and that was winning. 

Respect the fact that we have a guy like Carmelo who wanted to leave a solid playoff Western Conference team to come to a wavering 8/9/10th place Eastern Conference squad with Amar’e Stoudemire that was dusting itself off from the work of the most mediocre GM in sports history. Just remember what the Knicks were like just 3 years ago and ask yourself after tonight, was the trade worth it…

Enjoy the playoffs …#KNICKSTAPE


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